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Retropie: Taming the nostalgia

If you’ve followed the news recently, you might have heard that Nintendo announced the SNES Classic Edition for the end of September. Nintendo is setting up us up for another dose of nostalgia (or, more likely, disappointment, such a that experienced by those trying to get one of those NES Classics).

Super Mario 3 NES
Super Mario Bros 3. One of my all-time favorites

I’ll be the first to admit that the announcement brought memories of countless hours spent playing some of the games announced mixed with some excitement for those I never played (such as Earthbound). To be fair, some of those memories are not so much about the games themselves, but of my friends, those I shared those hours with (I guess this goes along the definition of nostalgia, isn’t it). Continue reading Retropie: Taming the nostalgia