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Dreamhost + CloudFlare + Https = Errors?

I mentioned in another post that one of the attractive perks I found in Dreamhost is that they offer free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt (those that allow us to use https for free). They do also offer another perk, which is an integration with CloudFlare (basically a CDN that helps to increase the speed of our sites) in a few clicks. Continue reading Dreamhost + CloudFlare + Https = Errors?

Changing Hosting (again!)

I used to be a Hostgator client. Three years ago I switched from GoDaddy lured by a good promo and their shared SSL certificates (I was intrigued by them, and at the time I think some app I was playing with required https. These shared SSL certificates were a real frustration since what you get is a generic address (something like https://gator0123.hostgator.com/~yourusername/) making it useless for most user-facing applications. After struggling with workarounds, I just dropped my interest in it (after all, I don’t consider any of the low-volume websites I keep as big target for attacks)
Continue reading Changing Hosting (again!)