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Changing Hosting (again!)

I used to be a Hostgator client. Three years ago I switched from GoDaddy lured by a good promo and their shared SSL certificates (I was intrigued by them, and at the time I think some app I was playing with required https. These shared SSL certificates were a real frustration since what you get is a generic address (something like making it useless for most user-facing applications. After struggling with workarounds, I just dropped my interest in it (after all, I don’t consider any of the low-volume websites I keep as big target for attacks)
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Do you know what a foreign accent is? It's a sign of bravery

In English

Yes, this site is planned to be mainly in English, why? well in part as a way to practice written English, part because the melange is getting worse, part because I’m getting tired of the ALT+ codes for tildes (áéíóúñ) and opening exclamation/question marks (¡¿). Ok, the last one is not that bad since not a lot of people care for them in the online world (it’s just one of my pet peeves) Continue reading In English