Dreamhost + CloudFlare + Https = Errors?

I mentioned in another post that one of the attractive perks I found in Dreamhost is that they offer free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt (those that allow us to use https for free). They do also offer another perk, which is an integration with CloudFlare (basically a CDN that helps to increase the speed of our sites) in a few clicks.

Source: EEF.org

Or so I thought… It turns, using CloudFlare required a few extra adjustments

  1. You need to mandatory use www in front of your domain name. Boooh! I  did like using my naked domain, but no, it needs to be www.yourdmain.com for it to work.
  2. if you are using https, you need to enter CloudFlare account settings (you need to create one if you had not created one before) and perform a few adjustments:
    • Change the SSL settings from “Flexible” to “Full” (or “Full (strict)” )
    • Enable “Always use HTTPS”

I found the hard way that not doing so led to the cryptic error messages (and likely the reason you ended up reading this post!):

“The page isn’t redirecting properly” or “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”.

If you would like to dig a bit more into this subject, here is a CloudFlare support article about it. I hope this help you!

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